Week 4 Summary

Video week. Honestly, this week was pretty easy once again for me. I would like to say that I have gotten the hang of using technology more but I am not truly positive about that. I felt a little rushed doing this week’s assignments just because so many of the video assignments were day long assignments, meaning I had to be on top of that assignment for the whole and making sure I recorded this and I recorded that and etc. On top of getting my work completed in time for this class, I am dealing with the chaos that comes with weddings, especially considering I am in the wedding party. But I got through it all eventually and that is all that matters.

I began this week by reading an article by Rogers Ebert called “How to Read a Movie”. And I found this very interesting and did not mind reading through it all. Plus I got to relate it back to The Shining which is a classic and funny that it was filmed in a hotel here in Colorado that I have visited once before.

After reading that article I got to apply it all to a scene of one of my favorite movies called 10 Things I Hate About You. In this 10 Things I Hate About You – Reviewed I got to analyze two main things. Camera work and audio track. And then I had to mix it together and pat attention to anything that I may have missed.

I had completed three video assignments that added up to nine stars. The first video was a Funny Tiktok Of My Pet. As I stated this one was very simple to do and I was able to do it almost immediately because lucky me I got three crazy dogs, which I love so much. Then I chose to do Vlog Day – Travel Day. Other than trying to remember to take video clips here and there this was another very easy and simple assignment to complete and kinda felt a like bit like a social media influencer doing a vlog. Lastly I did Where have my shoes taken me today. I thought this one was very fun to complete, plus I did on the day before the wedding I had attended so it involved parts of the rehearsal, luncheon, etc.

Lastly, here are links to the Comments on Video Week 4 and my Week 4 – Daily Creates.

I cannot believe we are heading into our last week of this course but bring it on and let’s finish strong!

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