Week 3 Summary

Well we are over halfway through this course. I can definitely say that I am learning many new things that I can continue to apply after this course. I know people have said that this week’s objective, audio, was the most difficult. I honestly thought this was my easiest and least stressful week yet. And I am not going to complain about that at all.

To start of this week we had to listen to Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad. I actually liked listening to these three clips because I felt I had a better understanding of how one should listen to audio clips to get the full mean.

We then had to listen to TED Radio Hour and ScottLo. The TED Radio Hour was interesting because you did not get every part of every story but yet you could understand how to take each bit and put pieces together. The ScottLo Was helpful. He was a very laid back person and as you go through the messages you learn through him and you can hear how he has improved himself.

TED Radio Hour &. Scottlo

Now this next section we had to listen to…LOVED. I felt as if I, myself, was in the story being told. And THAT is how a story should be told when using audio. Moon Graffiti was this part. I really encourage you all to listen to it. It seems like it would be a long audio but I promise the whole time you are engaged and actively listening and by the time it ends you will wish for more. The link is here for anyone who would like to take a listen: Moon Graffiti

After listening to a great example of audio storytelling I thought I was prepared to start my own. It was rough at first to figure out to create these three assignments but I managed by using Audacity. The first one was my Album Mashup with Jack Harlow. This one probably gave me the most trouble but I got through it. Next was Spooky Sounds. I really enjoyed this one and through it was funny when my dad came up and asked what on earth I am listening to, as I was looking through music for scary sounds. Lastly and my favorite, It’s Story Time. Spooky story time of course! I loved making this. And I usually hate speaking in person or even to a computer when I know others will be listening but I am happy with this outcome and proud of what I created.

The last two things I did was Week 3: Responses and Comments, which I thought it was nice to look through other people’s works and see what they did different than me.

And my Week 3 Daily Creates.

Onto week four!!! Video…..

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