Week 2 Summary

So I am slowly learning that technology is a rollercoaster for me. And I am really hoping that after this week I have learned better how to work with technology especially with the sites and tools I have to use for this course. This week was a lot about digital design and creating animations with GIFs. I was not a huge fan of creating GIFs.

I got to learn a little about digital design through the short booklet called The Vignelli Canon. I write Reflection on The Vignelli Canon here and started a few interesting things I found.

I learned about different tips that could improve my photography. I made a four photo Design Blitz using four of the different types of concepts that we were given. I used color, typography, symbolism, and balance.

I had to create five design assignments. I personally thought these were extremely fun and I had little difficulty to no difficulty when creating these. I had a ton of fun creating the VOGUE mostly because I love that photo from Hawaii. I made a logo for my website, Daily Life of Me Newest LOGO. I thought this was funny and ironic to make, Are We There Yet?. I made a Minecraft house which I thought it was interesting to be playing a video game for a class assignment, Minecraft House. And lastly I created a sports poster of one of my two favorite sports teams, Sixers Sport Poster.

I would like to start off by saying that GIMP does not work with Apple electronics like my MacBook…I had to use a different computer to create the GIFs and then email it to myself and from there I had to send the GIF straight over to my blog post otherwise it would not have been animated and therefore it would not have worked for me. I did the Subtitled GIF Creation and the When you see the price tag.

This week’s daily creates were…

The Weather and Music – May 24

Ingredients of Personality – May 26

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