Week 1 Summary

I can finally say that I finished my first week of this summer course. It was hectic and much like a rollercoaster. I started out extremely rough and knew how to do absolutely nothing. But overtime as I worked more with my website, blogs, social medias, etc I came to learn more ways to overcome those small problems I was having before.

This week was mostly about getting started and then photography and visual assessments. I personally love photography because of how every photo captures a moment in time that you can always rely on to bring back good memories. This week’s assignments with photography came very easily to me considering my mom is huge into photography and therefore I have been taught a lot thanks to her. Not only that but I have been taking photos from the time I was able to hold a phone or camera.

Learning about new tips was an eye opener for me and I hope that I will continue to use these tips in my future photography. I put all my thoughts together on my Photography and Visual Elements post.

The first assignment of this week was to create a Photo Safari. I personally enjoyed taking 15 minutes to go outside and take photos, but I felt like I rushed myself and therefore did not create my best work. I wrote more about my feelings about this partial assignment in my Photo Safari Reflection. Along with a post about what I chose as my Favorite Photo of the photo safari, even though I do not see it as my best piece of photography.

In this week’s list of assignments I got to do 5 visual assignments. Draw It, City Graphic Poster, Concert I Want To Be At (Blink-182), Places of Peace, and My Favorite Photo. Out of these 5 assignments the most difficult was probably the Draw It assignment, and that was mostly because I am a stubborn person that refuses to pay for apps and “pro” versions of any app. My favorite however was probably the Places of Peace because I found it relaxing and nice to look through photos I have in my camera roll that remind of relaxing and having a quiet time for myself.

This week’s Daily Creates consisted of…

May 17 – Where do we go? What destination waits in that direction?

May 20 – Your Smartphone is Listening?

May 21 – Remix a Visual Framework

Time to bring on the next week’s assignment. Here we go!

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