Week 1 Midweek Summary

Well I can definitely say that I am not good at technology…and struggled MAJORLY these past two days with this website creating. Unfortunately I am unable to reach out to the Help Desk or Digital Knowledge Center considering they take appointments with a 24 hour notice. At first things seemed to be going smoothly for me and then it was like I hit a brick wall.

I could not figure out how to access my WordPress or website or even get to creating my website…turns out I just needed to tighten the lightbulb in my brain a little more to figure it out. Eventually I figured out how to access my website and got started on creating and editing it to my liking.

In the mean time, while I was over the top stressed about my website, I took time to create and publish my social media accounts. I had used SoundCloud to listen to creator’s music but never published anything of my own so that was a little bit difficult to figure out but eventually I got it. I had never used Flickr but it is a pretty simple social media and is a lot like VSCO which I currently and have been using for years. Instead of using YouTube (I did not want to post on that social media)… I used Vimeo. And geez…all I can say is MAKE SURE the video you create is less than thirty seconds, otherwise you have to pay for the “Pro” version, and I don’t know about y’all but I would much rather not pay extra for anything. I had never truly used Twitter before BUT I have been around many many manyyyy people that have and therefore I understood the basics and know how to create a tweet, etc.

Once I managed to figuring out how to create and design my website, I felt at ease. I spent a lot of time just going through and looking at different things I could add to my website pages to make it look nice and neat. One thing I found helpful here was looking at other people’s created websites for this course because it allowed me to be open minded to other things that I too could add to my website.

I feel that I have successfully completed this portion of the week. Now it felt like a crazy rollercoaster and I have been sitting in this chair almost non-stop all day and all night, once I figured out to complete one thing everything else seemed to fall into place in my mind. Now let us hope it stays that way for the rest of this course’s assignments. One takeaway from this assignment is–you can always learn something more.

Up to this midweek assignment I have created an introduction tweet on my Twitter account, an introduction video on Vimeo, a short podcast introduction on my SoundCloud, and lastly I upload a couple new photos to my Flickr.

I completed the following daily creates:

End of the Road – May 17 2022

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