VOGUE – Design Assignment


Creation Of VOGUE

VOGUE Magazine. We have almost all heard or seen this trend go around so when I saw it as one of our potential design assignments I just had to (sorry). This photo was taken on one of the last days I spent in Hawaii in the infinity pool during the sunset. I love the way the colors of this photo emphasize the beauty of Hawaiian sunsets.

I attached a link to my Vimeo creation video that shows how I created this photo. I will explain here in words however. I went to my Instagram account and clicked on the “story”. From there I went to my photos and selected this photo taken of me in Hawaii. I think added a text box and selected the very last text format and typed out VOGUE (all capital letters), and made into a black font so it was more visible. Then I just saved the photo to my camera roll, uploaded it to Flickr, and now it is embedded here!

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  1. This pic is very strong. I think that everything being slightly out of focus works for something like this, where the person is more of a silhouette than anything.

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