Vlog Day – Travel Day


I thought this would be perfect to do considering I knew I had a travel day coming up and thought it would be fun to record throughout the day of what I was doing to prepare for the trip.

I am currently heading to Colorado for my cousin’s wedding. I had woken up very early because I procrastinated and waited to pack till the day of my flight. Then realized I needed stuff from the stores and had to run a few errands and eventually got my packing finished up about 30 minutes before I had to leave for the airport. I meant to finish up my video of me landing in Colorado but it was 11 pm in Colorado which is 2 am in the east coast so my mind was MIA.

I used Tiktok to create this assignment. And not to sound sarcastic but it is very simple to use just click the “create” red-ish colored button at the center bottom of your screen and start recording. Then upload or save it to your drafts. When you save it to your drafts you can go back and continue recording more or edit the video to your liking.

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  1. Vlogs are an important part of cyber-anthropology. I’ll be honest the idea of using TikTok as a kind of makeshift editing software is quite inventive. It straight up didn’t cross my mind at all this week.

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