Subtitled GIF Creation

Funny thing is this is my boyfriend flying this plane. I had a couple of other ideas as to what to subtitle or caption this GIF but thought this was most friendly to use. I tend to say that I am an introvert and that is mostly because I have a very on the go and busy life style. So when I get my time off I tend to enjoy having time to myself alone or with very close friends and just relaxing. I thought this GIF would be perfect to express how I leave hang outs that I do not want to be at or that I have gotten tired of being at and wanted to leave and have time for myself.

So once again I am stating that creating this was an absolute pain. I ended up having to get help from a friend and in the end it all worked. I used GIMP and followed the instructions that our professor gave me. I uploaded the first picture and the next I uploaded as a layered photo, animated it and saved in to my laptop.

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