Sixers Sport Poster – Design Assignment

76ers poster

Creation Video Of Sixers Poster

I live outside of Philadelphia and I love sports. So obviously that would only lead to me being a huge 76ers fan. Just incase you are not a big sports fan…they are a basketball team apart of the NBA. So when I saw the assignment of making a sports poster I knew exactly what to do and how to do it. I chose a team huddle which is located at the lower left corner. Then the team’s logo and I got a little fancy and added in a neon light “76er” sign. And I just had to add in my favorite player on the team, Tyrese Maxey. He is one of the younger guys on the team and wow he is an amazing player especially at a young age. I have been lucky and blessed enough to have gone to three Sixers game this past season and I can not wait for more in the future!

I attached a Vimeo video showing screenshots of how I created this sports poster. The website I used is called Pixlr and it is completely free and you are able to do a plethora of things on it without having to upgrade. I selected my layers and then used the cut out tool to cut out the backgrounds of the photos I was layering on top. And it was as simple as that! 🙂

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