Photography and Visual Elements

“Photography emulates the way that our mind freezes a significant moment” ~David Griffin.

How “our mind freezes a significant moment”…I found this rather interesting when reading and listening to the given stories. I have always thought of a photograph as a visual reference of something we would like to picture, or as our way of finding out what something or some moment truly looks like. Hearing the thought of a photograph as a frozen moment got me to think more deeply. Behind every single photograph ever taken, there was a reason and a memory or moment of that photograph. It is like the first day of school pictures, those are taken to freeze that single moment into one photograph that can be kept and looked back to as many times as one desires.

Creating depth in your photography. Adding dimension of visual depth in a 2-dimensional photograph. This visual element tip came from “20 Ways To Make Better Photographs” by David duChemin. I have always been the type of person to desire more than a 2-dimensional look to my photography so this tip was very simple and came to me very easily.

Adding Depth

I personally feel that by adding depth to your photography allows there to be more to the photograph. And what I mean by this is, for example, in my photo instead of showing just the road you as the viewer have the view of the house at the end of the road along with the trees that are lined up alongside the road.

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