Photo Safari Reflection

I chose to do this photo safari in my yard, mostly my backyard. I chose this area because I felt that I had more opportunities and I specifically waited till this Saturday to do the photo taking since I knew the weather would be perfect for lighting, etc. Of course during the 15 minute time frame I did the sun decided to disappeared partially but the lighting was still well enough to make the photos look great. I started the 15 minute time frame thinking I had an overview of what photos to take and where and how…that did not go as planned. But I managed to work through and problems (like the sun going M.I.A. on me) and came out with six photos that were prompted to us.

The photos that I think worked best for me were the “Repeating pattern”, “Unusual perspective”, and “Converging lines”. I say this because I have used two of the three previously to this assignment in my own photography. For the “Unusual perspective” I did a perspective of something floating on top of the water line in the pool, which I have done before when taking sunset/rise photos.

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