My Favorite Photo – Visual Assignment

Favorite picture
Black Sand Beach at Hawaii

I love photography. I take dozens of photos almost everyday. So having to pick a single photo as my favorite was almost impossible. But I would have to say that this photo here is a winner in my heart. Not only does this photo show the true beauty of our earth, it holds so many memories for me that I will never forget. I took this photo in the beginning of my trip to Hawaii in the summer of 2021. And if you have ever thought of traveling to Hawaii…here is your sign…DO IT. I spent almost a month in Hawaii and I will never forget it, it is 100% the best trip I have ever taken, and that is saying something. This image here was taken in Waianapanapa in Maui, Hawaii. Waianapanapa translates to “glistening waters”. I encountered this beautiful part of Maui on the Road to Hana, which is very popular for tourism.

Trip to Hawaii

Above is a link to a short video I made of my trip to Hawaii. Unfortunately I could not fit every part of the trip in but it does its job in showing the amazing parts of the islands of Hawaii.

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