Moon Graffiti

Moon Graffiti

This story was told beautifully, I loved every part of it and enjoyed sitting here listening to it and imagining what was truly happening and how. This audio story is told in various sound effects that put the listener into the story itself. It almost feels as if you are in the story, or in this case on the rocket heading off to the moon.

Immediately the podcast starts off with sound effects of a rocket launching into space, alarms, and people communicating. Then a loud crash noise. Immediately the listener knows what happens before you hear from the announcer.

What happens between the rocket crashing and the announcement is told but in a way that you are there yourself listening to the astronauts. All the way from hearing the astronauts walking to their breathing you hear every bit of it.

The podcast goes to the astronauts’ perspectives of being on the moon for their last 2 hours. The music changes when they step out onto the moon and you hear them kicking the dust of the moon. The music changes the moods of the story. You are tuned into their conversations and hear them taking photographs of the rocket crash’s damage. You hear as they struggle to get the American flag into the hard moon’s ground, and when they finally get it stuck into the ground. They speak of how they would be remembered and decide to leave a memorial themselves and a message for everyone on earth. The music during this time is very emotional and calm. The music gets more dramatic and intense as they final moments approach. Buzz begins to get lightheaded and loses himself in his thoughts for a minute until Neil snaps him out of it. The intense music begins to summit. A calmer music begins to play as the announcer begins to speak about the two astronauts and how they will Rest In Peace on the moon.

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