Minecraft House – Design Assignment

minecraft design assignment
Minecraft home

Creation Video of Minecraft House

Unfortunately I thought I had the updated version of Minecraft on my Xbox 360…I was wrong. In the updated version there is a plethora of materials I could have worked with when creating this house so sadly this is not the best house I hoped I would have created. But it is what it is and I will have to accept this piece. My original mindset was to build a cute little cottage home with colorful flowers and put a horse pasture next to it so there would be a liveliness to it. That would have only worked in the newer version. So I worked with what I had to create somewhat of a cottage looking house with a small barn connected to the left side of it.

I attached a Vimeo video on how I created this Minecraft house. In words it is pretty simple. You could use the laptop version, Xbox, PlayStation, mobile, etc version of Minecraft. I choose to do creative to make my life easier. And from there I just started designing a house.

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