Funny Tiktok Of My Pet

I thought, actually correction I knew, this assignment would be easy. I have three dogs that are all crazy in their own ways. This Tiktok includes my 4 year old bulldog named Riptide, and he is probably the craziest of my three dogs.

I took this video of Riptide while I was washing the house and saw Riptide jumping back and forth after the water. For being a dog that hates water he seems to love chasing after it even if it results in him being soaked.

I used Tiktok to create this assignment. And not to sound sarcastic but it is very simple to use just click the “create” red-ish colored button at the center bottom of your screen and start recording. Then upload or save it to your drafts. When you save it to your drafts you can go back and continue recording more or edit the video to your liking.

3 Replies to “Funny Tiktok Of My Pet”

  1. Your pet is super cute! I wish I had a pet that was this crazy and fun. Also, I think the music you added was suitable to the video, because I’ve seen tons of videos with this music where people do all the funniest things.

  2. I used to use a hose and do the same thing with my dog back when she was a little puppy! Love the audio you chose it fits the video very well

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