Draw It – Visual Assignment

draw it
Draw It

My “draw it” photo was taken yesterday, Saturday May 21. It was taken in my backyard on my deck where we have a puppy pool just for the puppies of the family so they can cool their feet off when the deck floor gets too hot on their feet. Riptide (pictured above), a 4 year old bulldog, has slowly began to love the water thanks to this puppy pool of ours. In fact, today we managed to get him into the actual pool and he paddled around, with support.


Here is the video of Riptide attempting to swim in the pool 🙂

So to create this visual assignment I first attempted to use Adobe Photoshop…only to find out that I would have to pay for the “sketch” part of the editing. So I used my resources and went online and literally typed in “convert photo to sketch” and used “imagetosketch” I believe was the website. And this was free hence why I used it. It was very simple and easy to use also. I just had to upload the image I wanted to convert to a sketch and within seconds it was made into a sketch.

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