Design Blitz

design blitz

Above is a photo of my car’s steering wheel with the Lexus logo. This logo is a symbol of the car manufacturing company called Lexus.

design blitz

The color in this photo is created by the flowers and attract attention. The brightness of color in the flowers represent the growth and liveliness of the flowers themselves.

design blitz

This is a photo of my dad’s truck tire. I personally see balance in this photo. It might not be the most perfect image of balance, but when looking at the photo it seems like it could almost be symmetrical. The water marks on both sides of the tire, the tire itself, the tire wheel around the the tire, overall I see a sense of balance and symmetry being represented.

design blitz

Typography “is the visual component of the written word”. In this photo the word “STOP” is displayed in all capital letters to emphasize the meaning and to catch the attention of the driver coming up to the sign itself.


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