Daily Life of Me Newest LOGO – Design Assignment


Creation of Logo

Well this took me a hot minute to complete. The first website I attempted to used wanted me to pay $40 to create a logo which I thought was bizarre. I attached a link to a Vimeo video showing how I created this logo of mine. It was rather simple and took me less than 5 minutes to do after I choose to use Adobe’s free logo creator.

I chose to do this style for my logo because my website’s name is “Daily Life of Me”. So I figured why not use the stick man figure getting out of bed to start his/her morning. It is much like me, an early rise that likes to get things done right away in the morning…most of the time.

4 Replies to “Daily Life of Me Newest LOGO – Design Assignment”

  1. I think your logo is super cute. The little sun? *chef’s kiss*
    I am also an early riser…most of the time. Lately though, I think I could use a logo of the little stick dude rolling over and getting some more Zzzzz….

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