Course Reflection

I will have to admit that at the beginning of this course, I was not excited nor happy about taking it. I thought this class was going to be incredibly difficult throughout every assignment. Now I will admit there were a fews tears shredded. But what I learned was that taking the time to do these assignments in pieces and not all at once IS A MUST. You will not succeed and you will give yourself so much stress if wait till last minute or if you try to do it all at once.

Overall I learned A LOT about digital storytelling AND how to work with technology better. I am not good with computers and technology. So this class started off very difficult for me because I felt like I did not even know the basics of how to work through anything. I took time to learn how to do these things properly and read thoroughly on how to do certain things with the computer. In the end it all worked out. Now some of the assignments told me to use a specific website but I learned that it would not work with my laptop since it is not compatible with MacBooks which was fine I just had to learn a new way of creating these Digital stories.

Gosh my favorite project. I will give a list first of the ones I liked the most. Starting the audio assignments were a lot of fun, especially the Spooky Sounds and It’s Story Time. I also really enjoyed creating VOGUE – Design Assignment, City Graphic Poster, and Places of Peace.

But my favorite is probably the recent assignment Sun Festival Posters (5 stars). I think it was just because I finally knew how to complete it nicely and I love the way they same out.

Well I cannot believe I made it through this course. At the start I thought I was going to have to drop the course. But here we are.

Now to enjoy my summer! πŸ™‚

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