Are We There Yet? – Design Assignment

are we there yet?
Are we there yet?

Creation of Are we there yet?

I actually really enjoyed making this design assignment. I used two photos that are about a year apart and the crazy thing is how different the world is between the two photos. The background photo is from Munich, Germany during the summer of 2019 and the photo of the person (me) is from my quarantine prom during May of 2020. And wow I remember wishing during that “prom” photo that life was how it was before covid started. Maybe then I would have been lucky enough to have my senior prom or my senior high school graduation or even a normal start to my college life. But life is life and whelp you got to adjust or else the world will leave you in the dust.

I attached a Vimeo video on how I created this photo and it was rather quick and easy. The only tedious part was cutting out the background of my prom picture and that was mostly because I tend to be a bit of perfectionist at times. I used a site that was free and easy to use and I definitely plan on using it again for other assignments.

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