Album Mashup with Jack Harlow

Album Mashup With Jack Harlow

I had to upload it this way because SoundCloud was not allowing me to upload it 🙁

Creation of Album Mashup

Above is a link to my Vimeo showing the steps of how I created this album mashup using Audacity!!

I created this Album Mashup using Jack Harlow’s album called “Come Home The Kids Miss You”. I have recently become a huge fan of his music and find some of it to be very summery. The first song I used is called “Young Harleezy”, the second is “First Class”, and the last song is “I’d Do Anything To Make You Smile”. With just these three songs I was able to create a mashup and have bits of them used out of context to the song actually playing.

I used these songs in a way to describe the rhythm of life and how life “flows”. Life does not always flow in the prettiest of ways. We have our upbeat moments, our adventurous times, our rock bottom moments, and all of the in between.

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