10 Things I Hate About You – Reviewed

I loveeeee this movie. And this scene I knew would be perfect for me to analyze and review.

In this we focused on two parts, the camera work and the audio. The camera work of this scene helps the audience focus on the specific part of the scene. For example it goes from focusing on the girls that are in a car together and seem to be having fun jamming out to their music and then goes to focusing on the one girl in the car that seems to be a little less up beat.

Listening to the audio part you can hear what each of the cars are listening to and how different the are. The first car is listening to very upbeat music whereas the other car is listening to music that is more rebellious I guess you could say.

When you take both of these parts together you get the full understanding of what is happening in the scene. You get the sense of how the first car is judging the girl in the other car for the music she is listening to.

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