Spooky Sounds

Spooky Sounds

For some reason I cannot embed my SoundCloud works onto these blog posts, but here is the link to my creation 🙂

Creation of Spooky Sounds

And here is how I created my Spooky Sounds remix using Audacity!!

I LOVE HORROR! Let’s just start by saying that. So when I saw the option of doing a spooky sound recreation or remix I knew I was going to do it. This was a lot of fun to create honestly.

Picture walking up to an abandoned house on a property away from many others in the middle of the night. You hear things, and you do not know if they are real or only in your head. You hear the howls and creaks of creatures. Silent whispers or are these whispers in your head?

Album Mashup with Jack Harlow

Album Mashup With Jack Harlow

I had to upload it this way because SoundCloud was not allowing me to upload it 🙁

Creation of Album Mashup

Above is a link to my Vimeo showing the steps of how I created this album mashup using Audacity!!

I created this Album Mashup using Jack Harlow’s album called “Come Home The Kids Miss You”. I have recently become a huge fan of his music and find some of it to be very summery. The first song I used is called “Young Harleezy”, the second is “First Class”, and the last song is “I’d Do Anything To Make You Smile”. With just these three songs I was able to create a mashup and have bits of them used out of context to the song actually playing.

I used these songs in a way to describe the rhythm of life and how life “flows”. Life does not always flow in the prettiest of ways. We have our upbeat moments, our adventurous times, our rock bottom moments, and all of the in between.

Moon Graffiti

Moon Graffiti

This story was told beautifully, I loved every part of it and enjoyed sitting here listening to it and imagining what was truly happening and how. This audio story is told in various sound effects that put the listener into the story itself. It almost feels as if you are in the story, or in this case on the rocket heading off to the moon.

Immediately the podcast starts off with sound effects of a rocket launching into space, alarms, and people communicating. Then a loud crash noise. Immediately the listener knows what happens before you hear from the announcer.

What happens between the rocket crashing and the announcement is told but in a way that you are there yourself listening to the astronauts. All the way from hearing the astronauts walking to their breathing you hear every bit of it.

The podcast goes to the astronauts’ perspectives of being on the moon for their last 2 hours. The music changes when they step out onto the moon and you hear them kicking the dust of the moon. The music changes the moods of the story. You are tuned into their conversations and hear them taking photographs of the rocket crash’s damage. You hear as they struggle to get the American flag into the hard moon’s ground, and when they finally get it stuck into the ground. They speak of how they would be remembered and decide to leave a memorial themselves and a message for everyone on earth. The music during this time is very emotional and calm. The music gets more dramatic and intense as they final moments approach. Buzz begins to get lightheaded and loses himself in his thoughts for a minute until Neil snaps him out of it. The intense music begins to summit. A calmer music begins to play as the announcer begins to speak about the two astronauts and how they will Rest In Peace on the moon.

TED Radio Hour and ScottLo

In Detective Stories from 2007, the pauses throughout the audio is a new section or a new story or paragraph. This makes it so that the listener MUST listen intensively so they understand what story is being told or what is taking place. There are layers of sounds and of people talking, whether directly on the show or in the background.

ScottLo’s first audio message comes off as very laid back and kind of just going with the flow. He explains that he has no ideal plan on how he is going to continue with these audio messages and that the idea came to him at 5 in the morning that day so he is working with what he’s got. H explains the details of the class, DS106, and how he uses audio to help others throughout this class, DS106.

Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad

Ira Glass talks about broadcast storytelling building blocks. There are two building blocks in broadcasting story telling. Anecdote which is the sequence of actions or events, shows how telling a story should be from one thing into another into another, make it flow. And in baits to drag the reader into the story itself and to keep the reader wanting more. Keep the reader asking questions. Lastly, you have a moment of reflection. A reason and point to the story.

Jad Abumrad talks about how radio does not use images and symbols but rather descriptions. These descriptions are a way of making the listeners or readers to create their own image. Imagination can go a long way and can be taken in different perspective. If you tell a group of people the same description they might all have a different image that comes to mind that is unique and based on their perspective.

Week 2 Summary

So I am slowly learning that technology is a rollercoaster for me. And I am really hoping that after this week I have learned better how to work with technology especially with the sites and tools I have to use for this course. This week was a lot about digital design and creating animations with GIFs. I was not a huge fan of creating GIFs.

I got to learn a little about digital design through the short booklet called The Vignelli Canon. I write Reflection on The Vignelli Canon here and started a few interesting things I found.

I learned about different tips that could improve my photography. I made a four photo Design Blitz using four of the different types of concepts that we were given. I used color, typography, symbolism, and balance.

I had to create five design assignments. I personally thought these were extremely fun and I had little difficulty to no difficulty when creating these. I had a ton of fun creating the VOGUE mostly because I love that photo from Hawaii. I made a logo for my website, Daily Life of Me Newest LOGO. I thought this was funny and ironic to make, Are We There Yet?. I made a Minecraft house which I thought it was interesting to be playing a video game for a class assignment, Minecraft House. And lastly I created a sports poster of one of my two favorite sports teams, Sixers Sport Poster.

I would like to start off by saying that GIMP does not work with Apple electronics like my MacBook…I had to use a different computer to create the GIFs and then email it to myself and from there I had to send the GIF straight over to my blog post otherwise it would not have been animated and therefore it would not have worked for me. I did the Subtitled GIF Creation and the When you see the price tag.

This week’s daily creates were…

The Weather and Music – May 24

Ingredients of Personality – May 26

Subtitled GIF Creation

Funny thing is this is my boyfriend flying this plane. I had a couple of other ideas as to what to subtitle or caption this GIF but thought this was most friendly to use. I tend to say that I am an introvert and that is mostly because I have a very on the go and busy life style. So when I get my time off I tend to enjoy having time to myself alone or with very close friends and just relaxing. I thought this GIF would be perfect to express how I leave hang outs that I do not want to be at or that I have gotten tired of being at and wanted to leave and have time for myself.

So once again I am stating that creating this was an absolute pain. I ended up having to get help from a friend and in the end it all worked. I used GIMP and followed the instructions that our professor gave me. I uploaded the first picture and the next I uploaded as a layered photo, animated it and saved in to my laptop.

When you see the price tag

This is a reaction post about when you are online shopping and see the price tag. This tends to happen to me every time I look online at clothes. For some reason I enjoy going on to random shopping website for fun and like items that I think are cute or that I like and then at the end I see the total price my face goes in to shock and my heart sinks. Then I sadly leave the website without buying anything.

So creating this was a living hell and took me forever to create. I ended up having to get help from a friend and in the end it all worked. I used GIMP and followed the instructions that our professor gave me. I uploaded the first picture and the next I uploaded as a layered photo. Then I animated it and saved in to my laptop.